Saturday, August 31, 2013

Quick Kale Salad

So we all have days where we are just go go go running errands all over the place. I know the last thing that sounds desirable on those days is cooking when you pass several drive thrus that offer such convenience and momentary satisfaction. Well even though a kale salad doesn't sound like it would beat out your favorite fast food chain meal for tastieness I promise you will feel loads better about eating the meal after and likely it will be cheaper too!

This is just one version of many I have for my favorite kind of lettuce. If you aren't familiar with kale it is a dark green lettuce and in its rawest form it tastes similar to broccoli. Hey that may not be for you so feel free to substitute your own lettuce fav, but personally I love it and it really is sooooo good for you. It is loaded with nutrients and fiber which I have noticed allows me to stay fuller longer after eating it in comparison to other types of lettuce. Anyways enough with my ode to kale, if you have never tried it please try it out!

But a disclaimer if you are like my family members then likely you will look at this post and think I am trying to get you to eat your own arm or something so maybe you should try it cooked in something first. (Don't you worry those recipes will appear here soon!)

Regardless I hope you give it a chance. If not, you at least have a backbone to what can appear to be a fancy restaurant salad made from your own home.

Like I said this is one of many many versions I have of this salad. I typically use whatever I have in the house, it is sort of an everything but the kitchen sink salad. My staples though are kale, frozen corn (or fresh if I have it), and almonds. I have a little bit of a health trifecta going on there between the antioxidant ridden leafy green kale, the starchy yet sweet corn and the protein packed almonds, it really is a filling salad!

Quick Kale Salad
2 leaves of kale
1/4 c. almonds
1/4 c. frozen corn cooked ( I just pop it in the microwave for 45 seconds to a minute to cook it and set it in the fridge to chill while I assemble the rest of the salad)
1/4 c. dried cranberries ( I hate dried fruits that are overly sweetened so I try to buy unsweetened or reduced sugar versions)
4 strawberries chopped
2 clementines peeled and separated
2 T. dressing of your choice
 Yes I am a little hoity toity about dressings because I knowI can make excellent fresh ones at home so when I do buy them I buy them for quality. This little gem has great flavor and can be picked up at Giant or even Target. 

Simply rip the lettuce up into bite sized pieces and combine all the ingredients in a bowl. Yes I measure everything out including the dressing. The fastest way to making a salad unhealthy is to overload it with dressing. Besides when you are packing in so many great flavors already you don't want to overwhelm them with too much dressing anyways. Sometimes if I use a lot of dry ingredients and I have less fruit or something I will add another tablespoon but usually I like to keep it light. I like to combine all of my ingredients in a bowl and mix it, then place a plate on top and flip the two over together so everything gets evenly mixed.

Voila enjoy! This is large enough to eat if you were like me yesterday and missed breakfast so were starving but still needed to fit in the gym before work, it will fill you up and get you through your workout without feeling like you are going to vomit. Or it can even be shared if you just want it as a side to something else.