Friday, September 6, 2013

Easy cheesy sundried tomato stuffed chicken

Like I said when I started this blog, I draw inspiration in my cooking from a variety of places. Today's recipe is from one of my favorite food blogs . She recently posted a sundried tomato and basil stuffed chicken that looked out of this world. So when standing in front of my fridge trying to decide what to whip up for lunch before a long shift at work knowing I wasn't going to eat again for several hours. I was carefully contemplating what I could do with what little I had on hand,  and her recipe came to mind. Sure I didn't have flavored feta, but I did have feta! Also no I didn't have laughing cow cheese but I did have cream cheese and those are similar in consistency and lastly no I did not have sundried tomatoes. (Which I was kicking myself over because I always mean to pick them up at the store and I always decide I don't have a recipe on hand I need to use them in immediately and always walk away. But like I often think when I get home that needs to become a staple in my fridge.) But I did recently purchase one of my favorite dressings which is a sundried tomato basil and garlic dressing (remember from the quick kale salad) that I decided would work just as well. Anyways this is my spin on her awesome dish, which yes I will try her way one of these days and see if it beats out mine. Hehe. Because let's be honest mine turned out pretty darn fantastic especially for a throw it together meal!

Easy Cheesy Sundried Tomato Stuffed Chicken 

Serves: 1
Cook Time: 25 minutes ( this can be shortened if you cook at a higher temp.)

1 chicken breast (thick enough to cut a pocket into)
1 small piece of kale (torn into bite sized pieces)
handful of chopped almonds (about 11)
2 T. feta cheese
1 T. reduced fat cream cheese
1 T. and 1 tsp. sundried tomato basil and garlic salad dressing
Oil for the pan about 1/2 a T.

Mix together the softened feta and cream cheese with the chopped almonds, kale and 1 T. of dressing. 
Slice your piece of chicken creating a pocket but not all the way through.

Stuff the chicken with your mixture. 

Season with salt and pepper. Then cook over a low to medium heat with a little bit of oil in the pan until cooked all the way through. I didn't have toothpicks to hold this together ( another thing I need to add to my kitchen staples list) But I just made sure I packed the mixture in really tight into the chicken and it worked out just fine. I also cooked the chicken covered so I wouldn't have to do a lot of maneuvering because I knew that would cause the filling to fall out. Once it is cooked all the way through top with the last tsp. of dressing let it sit for a minute and enjoy! 

Seriously there are not many dishes that I immediately want to make again right away but this is going back on the list so I can share it with my roommate. It was so simple and amazing. Not time consuming at all and relatively healthy. Some sort of magic happened in that pan today, the chicken was perfectly tender ( mostly because I know I didn't rush it to cook) the cheese was the perfect amount of creaminess, and the crunch of the almonds was enough to make my mouth water. But the real magic came with the flavor of the sundried tomato dressing yum yum YUMMMM!